“Virtually every leading Democrat has pledged to entirely eliminate fossil fuels, wiping out American production of oil, and coal, and natural gas, and, by the way, jobs. These Democrat plans would obliterate millions of American jobs, devastating communities across Pennsylvania and bankrupting families all across our nation. As long as I am your President, that will never, ever even come close to happening — not even a chance.” - President Donald Trump, October 23, 2019


In 2019 overall coal production in the United States had dropped to its lowest level in nearly 40 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. EIA forecasts that the share of U.S. power generation from coal will average 22% in 2020 down from 28% in 2018.

For those employed in the Anthracite coal industry, their careers, their livelihoods, and their futures are stuck in a state of limbo.